Being productive during business upticks seems easy for most entrepreneurs.

But during business downturns your mettle gets tested.

Stressful business periods challenge your ability to be productive because being motivated as critical metrics drop or even fall to zero seems almost impossible. Even driven business owners need to guard against lowering their productivity when the business needle points south. Being enthusiastic, calm and functioning optimally during difficult business cycles challenges all but the most poised, steadfast entrepreneurs.

All thriving entrepreneurs experience difficult times. Being productive despite facing business droughts separates top business owners from everybody else. How do you get through dips? Boost your productivity during sales lulls. Eventually, the tide turns based on your diligent, persistent, patient efforts and your business will grow steadily again.

Follow these tips to remain productive during stressful business periods.

1: Get Enough Sleep

Get ample rest each night to wake up recharged for your work day. Feeling energized allows you to tackle a challenging day from a calm, peaceful, clear thinking perspective. Seeing through the stress helps you stay productive through thick and thin.

Poorly rested entrepreneurs panic during periods of stress. How can you be productive if you feel completely run down and over exhausted?

Sleep for 8 or more hours each night. Follow a routine. Stop drinking tea, coffee or any other form of caffeine for 4-6 hours before bed time. Settle into bed around the same time. Wake up feeling energized and ready to dive into a challenging but rewarding work day from a prolific, creative energy.

2: Eat Nutritious Foods

Consuming fruits and vegetables fuels your body with the right nutrients for your potentially stressful business day.  Productive types get work done by feasting on the right foods to maximize their energy.

Nothing feels worse than a post junk food carbohydrate crash setting in during a rough business patch. Fatty, sugary foods create an instant high and even quicker emotional crash that carries into your work day. Good luck being productive when you feel terrible.

Consuming salads, fresh fruits and lean proteins clears your body and mind so you better navigate the stresses of your business day. Eat at least 2-3 moderately sized meals daily to provide your body with a steady flow of energizing nutrients.

Drink ample water. Keep coffee intake to a minimum as this addictive drink dehydrates you.

Eat right to be productive during tough business times.

3: Feel the Emotions Behind Business Stress

Fear robs people of their productivity because no business owner gets work done feeling weighed down by this heavy, destructive emotion.

Feel fears fueling business stress to slowly and steadily dissolve the source of stress and to be more productive. For example, feeling the fear of losing money quickly dissolves the stress of seeing low sales numbers for the month. Facing, feeling and releasing fears frees you to be a productive dynamo who inspires your team to generate higher sales over the next few months.

Be gentle with yourself. Intimate fears and pains often arise during genuine fear-feeling sessions. Be prepared to cry or to be angry. Allow yourself to experience whatever surfaces but do not judge yourself or fight yourself for being human and feeling normal, natural emotions. Make these sessions a non-judgment zone. Be compassionate with yourself to move the energies along and to return to being calm, confident and productive.

Spend time in quiet. Explore the emotions fueling these stressful feelings. Wading through unpleasant emotions seems worth removing the emotional handcuffs binding most entrepreneurs who stumble through business down turns.

4: Double Down on Mindset Work

Boost your productivity during tough times by strengthening your mental muscle. Spend more time meditating. Engage in deep introspection.

Stabilizing your emotions seems critical during particularly challenging business times. Most owners ride a roller coaster of feelings that disturbs their thinking and leads to rash, outright foolish business decisions, in additions to greatly diminished productivity. Spend more time on mindset work to expand your awareness. Instead of being held hostage by your thoughts and feelings you begin to observe your thoughts and feelings, creating a peaceful space around your day.

Peaceful, serene entrepreneurs remain productive in any business climate. Set aside at least 30 minutes or more daily to ramp up your mindset work during challenging business times.

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