Picking the right online business partner accelerates your success exponentially on a long term basis.

Two minds united for a joint purpose focused on benefiting people generate more power than a lone wolf online entrepreneur.

Two is better than one if both people aim to serve their target market.

Finding the right online business partner seems daunting at first. You may feel intimidated by the sea of strangers to choose from, wondering who to trust and who to release as you develop your business plan.

Follow these tips to pick the right online business partner for your venture.

1: Focus on the Right “P”‘s

Avoid online business partners focused solely on profits.

Outright greedy or outcomes obsessed entrepreneurs are poor business partners because if you focus only on the outcome you do a poor job helping, serving and being patient, all necessary steps in the business-building process.

Pick fellow entrepreneurs who focus on the right “P”‘s: passion and process.

Select folks passionate about what they do. Passion fuels greatness in any endeavor.

Passionate people concentrate on the process of building a thriving business, with a heavy emphasis on creating helpful content and services in addition to connecting with top entrepreneurs in your niche.

Successful business ventures are built on generous service rendered. Passionate entrepreneurs who love what they do render such service and make fabulous business partners.

2: Trust Referrals

Beware if your potential business partner talks wonderfully about themselves all day long. This means the individual has no trusted friend network to call upon during product launches or other new ventures. If somebody spends the day patting themselves on the back they cannot lend a helping hand.

Trust referrals. Entrepreneurs with large, loyal communities and ample endorsements from clients, customers and major media outlets obviously know how to build a successful online business.

Give little thought to an entrepreneur who toots their own horn endlessly. Focus instead on online business owners whose tribes shout them out to the masses. These are the heavies who can help take your business to new heights through co-creation.

3: Beware Red Flags

Keep an eye out for various red flags alerting you to a bad match.

Poor response time is one possible warning. If you email a potential partner and receive no response over a 24 hour time frame something may be up unless the individual is a wildly popular, successful entrepreneur receiving hundreds of emails daily.

Look for a response within a 24 hour time frame.

Interactions should be pleasant, relaxed and engaging. If someone reaches out to you with a sole purpose to make big money beware these people because they are in the business game for all the wrong reasons.

Online business partners you choose may raise red flags by making executive decisions without consulting you first. Beware any entrepreneur who moves forward by making solo decisions when in a business partnership.

Draft an official form to discuss profit sharing. If dealing with a trusted individual you can do a virtual handshake but for dealings with less familiar folks consider making the agreement legally binding.

4: Build Friendships Before Building a Business Together

The easiest way to skip over tip #3; befriend top entrepreneurs in your niche by helping them out without looking for anything in return.

Establish meaningful bonds with successful online business owners. Wine and dine them offline – literally – and online by offering assistance to them.

Prove you are interested in them and not what they can do for you. Gain people’s trust.

Taking this genuine, heart felt approach to building friendships allows profitable partnerships to flow to you. Not only will your business buddies be trusted partners but in many cases your entrepreneur friend network will invite you to co-create through prospering partnerships.

Instead of pitching business ideas to strangers, hand pick the most enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial business ideas from trusted friends, knowing the venture will make a difference in people’s lives while helping you and your business partner prosper.

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