Taking care of customers is every business owner’s priority.

Without return customers your venture dies a quick death.

Instead of scurrying for new business double down on better serving your customer base.

Repeat customers:

  • boost your business profits near and long term
  • become brand advocates
  • increase business sales through word of mouth marketing
  • help you ride out peaks and valleys during business cycles

Rabid fans masquerading as customers ensure that your business either sustains itself or thrives while the economy tanks. If people love what you do expect to see steady business growth over the long term.

Follow these tips to better serve your customers.

Over Deliver

Be generous.

Serve your customers freely to better connect with your base.

Every successful business owner shares maximum value for the price charged. This goads customers to:

  • endorse your business
  • boost referrals
  • become return customers

Beware cutting corners to stay within your business budget.

Being generous now ensure massive business growth over the long haul.

Think of how you can render better, more generous, valuable service for your customers.


Be Accessible

Be accessible to address customer needs in a timely fashion.

Either you or your staff should respond to customer requests within 24 hours after the initial contact.

Time sensitive businesses should have priority support in place.


Web hosting companies need priority hotlines or chats to address customer emergencies like a site that has crashed or some other critical, time sensitive issue.

Responding to requests quickly is only one aspect of being accessible.

Maintaining an active presence on various social media sites and forums related to your niche increases your accessibility factor. Current and potential customers can reach you through their channel of choice if you establish a wide-reaching online presence.

Don’t forget to open traditional communication channels:

  • Mobile
  • Linkedin messenger
  • Email
  • Skype or Whatsapp

Be reachable.

Give customers or clients as many opportunities as possible to get in touch with you.

Make your customers happy by being accessible.

Visualise the Big Picture

See beyond today.

Look at the big picture to better help your customers.

Some business owners value daily metrics over life long customers.

Eat the cost on a returned product today. Inspire a lifelong customer to:

  • boost sales
  • endorse your business
  • increase your referrals

Foolish business owners attempt to squeeze as many sales and cut as many costs as possible for today.

Wise, prospering business owners have a vision for the future, focusing on attracting lifelong customers built on meaningful, powerful bonds.

Encourage a Culture of Customer Service

Inspire your team to adopt a culture of customer service.

Allow this culture to bleed through your business.

Go the extra mile to set a shining example for your team.

If team members see business owners going above and beyond to assist customers they are likely to imitate you.

Set a shining precedent to better serve your customers.