All successful marketing campaigns are build on trust.

Folks need to trust you before buying your product or service.

People buy into you by trusting you. Sales follow.

Boosting the trust factor of your marketing campaign is not terribly difficult if you persistently market from an authentic space.

Move your focus from trying to get traffic or sales from prospects or influencers.

Concentrate on how to give of your time and talents to better connect with individuals.

Generous marketers have few issues inspiring people to get to know, like and trust them.

Follow these tips for building trust with your marketing.

1: Maintain an Active Presence on Social Media

Marketers who engage regularly on social media see sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus as transparency builders.

Being active on social sites shows you’re accessible and interested in building bonds with your audience.

Social media sites allow for 1 to 1, powerful engagement to build trust between you and your target market.

Use Direct Messages on Twitter and Facebook Messenger to establish intimate bonds with prospective customers.

Help people on social sites. Share valuable updates related to your niche. Ask questions. Share generous answers.

Treat social media as a 2 way street. Share helpful content but open the channel to field questions and feedback from your target market.

2: Run a Blog

Blogging is a fundamental trust builder.

What better way to prove you know your marketing niche inside out then by sharing content-rich, in-depth blog posts on a regular basis?

Publish at least one post weekly.

Solve a specific problem related to your niche.

Build an email list to give readers a way to get your blog posts quickly and easily.

Post videos, podcasts and articles to your blog to connect with prospective customers through their channel of choice.

Inspire readers to trust you by proving you’re willing to help folks for free to establish a stronger bond with your target audience.

3: Be Transparent

Avoid making any claim unless you personally achieved the goal.

Be transparent.

Build a reputation for being an authentic straight shooter who emphasizes helping your audience in genuine fashion.

People scour the web with a more discerning, savvy eye these days. Untrustworthy marketers who stress achieving certain results without transparently sharing processes to reach goals tend to lose their reputation and their audience.

Help your audience.

Generously share specifically how to solve certain problems in step by step fashion.

Gain your prospect’s trust by being honest in all you do.

4: Respond to Requests in a Timely Fashion

Respond to emails in a 24 hour time frame.

Proving that you’re not asleep at the wheel boosts your trust factor quickly.

Serious marketers field questions within a 24 hour turnaround time to best meet people’s needs in prompt fashion.

Be professional.

Respond to requests in a timely manner to better connect with your audience and to earn their trust.

5: Be Accessible

Post your email address, social media links and a contact form via a contact page on your blog or business website.

Being accessible increases your trustworthiness.

Being tough to reach proves you have something to hide. This lowers your marketing trust factor into the cyber basement.

6: Build Your Friend Network

Befriending influential marketers in your niche makes you more trustworthy.

People see successful, familiar faces linked to you and instantly trust you based on the power of association.

Promote top marketers from your niche. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Email them asking how you can help them.

Slowly and steadily befriending power brokers changes how people perceive you.

Patiently position yourself as a trustworthy authority by connecting with top marketers in your niche.


Follow each of these tips persistently.

Earn trust over time to market effectively and to grow your business.

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