The one thing most business owners need more of on a regular basis.

Few entrepreneurs believe they use time effectively. Most desperately search for the 25th hour.

Manage time effectively to:

  • grow your business exponentially over the long haul
  • free yourself from your venture to enjoy offline life
  • reduce stress levels

Nothing feels worse than having an unproductive day because you dove into time-sapping activities.

But working effectively by managing your time intelligently creates a feeling of wholeness and accomplishment at the end of a day well spent.

Follow these 6 tips to manage your time effectively.

1: Work in Chunks

Work in chunks.

Take short, frequent breaks.

Use time wisely.

Consider trying the Pomodoro technique to organize your day.

Working in chunks keeps you focused. Being focused goads you to use time effectively.

Short break periods help you regroup and refocus on the half hour or hour if you stray into time-wasting, ineffective activities.

Block up your day.

Work then break frequently to use time intelligently.

2: Prioritize

Start your day with high priority activities.

Use time effectively.

Lead your team by engaging in critical tasks to begin the day. Doing so prevents wheel-spinning on less important, non-essential tasks.

Spend time doing what’s most important to your business when you’re fresh, bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

This is the best way to mange your time as an entrepreneur.

Think “lean and clean” to focus only on what really matters in terms of growing your business.

3: Outsource

Outsource non essential tasks or release these activities completely to streamline your endeavor.

Save time – and headaches – by handing work to skilled, capable agencies able to seamlessly manage tasks.

Outsourcing becomes critical as you scale your business. If you plan to have a life away from your venture simply pay a reputable agency to assume specific tasks.

Going the outsourcing route is perhaps the ultimate time saver. Spend hours daily either enjoying time off or focused on critical business tasks you enjoy working to make your venture grow exponentially.

4: Study Time Management Legends

Consider Richard Branson.

Even if you are a bootstrapping solopreneur you have more in common with this billionaire icon than you think.

Like every entrepreneur, Richard started from the ground floor. But he mastered the principle of leveraging to launch hundreds of companies.

He is also a time saving genius, hiring skilled people to build his companies and devoting his time and energy to what matters most to him.

Unlike some billionaires who manage time poorly, being tied to their office 18 hours daily, Richard Branson enjoys the fruits of his labor.

The happiest, most successful entrepreneurs generally do a smash up job managing their time effectively.

5: Leverage

Imagine that you are a professional blogger.

The best way to reach a large, targeted audience is the least amount of time is by guesting posting on top blogs from your niche.

Building bonds with top bloggers takes time but the payoff is immense.


See yourself building friendships with top bloggers over a 2-3 month stretch.

Some of these established pros invite you to guest post for their communities.

Within 2-3 months you help a few huge, highly targeted tribes through guest posting, growing your business steadily.

This is a smart approach to saving time.

Most bloggers waste 1-2 years or more of their time pitching top bloggers without befriending these pros, ensuring that their emails land in the junk folder.

Spending 2-3 months building friendships to leverage your presence save you year’s worth of time compared to pitching bloggers who see you as a desperate stranger.

Ponder how you can reach a large group of potential customers in as little time as possible.

Put in the leg work to leverage intelligently.

Save time.

6: Schedule Time Away from Your Business


Resting effectively helps you use time effectively.

Even if you love your business, working 18 hour days for months or years tends to lead to sickness, burnout and reduced effectiveness levels. Working yourself to the bone also causes you to use time inefficiently because you don’t have the awareness and focus to spot inefficiency when your body feels fatigued and mind seems frazzled.

You are human.

Human beings need:

  • 6-8 hours of sleep daily
  • a social life away from your business including time spent with family and friends
  • 30 minutes or more of exercise daily

Pull back.

Energize yourself.

Feel good.

Rest up.

Think clearly.

Save time.

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