Influencer marketing can take your business to the next level.

Inspiring top entrepreneurs to spread the word about your business leverages your online presence quickly.

Unfortunately, most marketers do a poor job wooing influencers.

In most cases influencers either ignore pitch emails outright or may even respond with a snippy comment.

You have one shot to establish a positive first impression.

Make it count.

Follow these 5 tips to do influencer marketing right.

1: Humanize Influencers

Humanize influencers.

Think of the person sitting by a computer before you send an email to any successful entrepreneur.

Avoid all too common manipulative influencer marketing strategies that damage your reputation.

Visualize the human being receiving your email. See the person in mind as you reach out to successful entrepreneurs.

Humanizing top marketers helps you move away from manipulation toward a prospering spirit of co-creation.

2: Reach Out with Generosity

Reach out to top entrepreneurs by serving these individuals.

Influential marketers love generous people because most influencers became successful through the concept of giving freely without asking for anything in return.

Publish an in-depth, genuine comment on an influencer’s blog. Retweet their latest blog post. Mention the marketer on your blog.

Help influencers as much as possible without looking for anything in return.

Prove that you are interested in the individual and not solely what they can do for you.

Reach out with personalized, authentic emails. Stand out from the crowd of generic, mindless emails sent by desperate or ignorant entrepreneurs engaged in outreach.

Become friends with pros to lay the foundation for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Before you ask a top marketer to do anything for you help them for a few weeks or months. Detach from your wants.

Influencer marketing is a long term project. Think in terms of monthly time frames before reaching out for a retweet, mention or prospering partnership.

Dwell on how you can serve successful entrepreneurs. Follow through and help them without asking for anything for a sustained period of time.

Plant prospering seeds for a powerful friendship.

3: Align to Shine

Befriend only influencers aligned with your niche.

Connecting with successful marketers who share common interests increases the likelihood of a prospering partnership in the future.

Do not waste time building bonds with non-aligned entrepreneurs.

Target to save your time and energy.

Reach out to folks who likely dig what you have to offer as your friendship blossoms over the long haul.

Practical Tips

  • create a list of influential marketers from your niche
  • trim down the list based on your specific needs; find ideal matches
  • personalize every outreach email to add a warm, genuine touch to your campaign

Follow the next tip to market from an abundant energy.

4: On to the Next One

Never form a heavy attachment to one particular influencer who you see as the end all be all, type of super hero you need to connect with.

New or struggling marketers trip over themselves trying to impress one superstar marketer in their niche.

Making this mistake blinds you to the abundance of skilled, successful marketers who could help you down the road.

Whether you befriend a top influencer or make no connection simply move on to the next individual.

Cultivate an air of detachment to surround yourself with a small army of successful entrepreneurs.

More importantly, avoid being the desperate, needy person who effectively turns off most if not all the top influencers in your niche.

5: Be Patient Before the Pitch

If you do influencer marketing right your friends generously promote you, endorse you and leverage your presence dramatically without you ever asking them to help you.

But in some cases you may pitch an influencer to help you out.

Be patient.

Persistently help the entrepreneur generously for weeks and months without asking for anything in return.

Approach your new friend with a personalized, genuine email asking for help. If the influencer declines simply thank them for their time and don’t worry. The online world is chock full of successful entrepreneurs who are better matches.

Note; never burn bridges with influential entrepreneurs. Keep friendships intact by patiently promoting top folks from your niche.

Patient entrepreneurs who pay their dues generate serious clout in their niche because their army of influencer buddies expands their presence exponentially over the long term.


Be patient.

Be persistent.

If you put in the bonding legwork you will reap the sugary sweet rewards of a sound influencer marketing campaign.

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