Do you desperately seek the mythical 25th hour?

You have a productivity problem.

Maximizing your productivity needs to be near the top of your small business owner skills list. How you use time dictates whether you succeed or fail with your venture. Successful entrepreneurs use time effectively. Carefully assess what works and what does not work on your business journey.

Productivity Tips

Struggling small business owners usually do a poor job in the productivity department because business failure tends to link to a lack of production.

Think of the concept behind productivity: producing. What do you produce for customers? How do you produce for customers? How do you organize your work day? Ask probing, honest questions. Wait for straight answers. Begin there to become more productive.

1: Ask Questions to Find Productivity Issues

Ask honest questions about yourself and your business. Most entrepreneurs never address their productivity problems because they inaccurately believe they have no productivity problems. Wearing entrepreneurial blinders guarantees your business failure.

productivity tips

Be honest with yourself. How do you factor being productive into your business day? Have you ever purchased a productivity eBook or course? How can you be more productive? Asking questions allows the creative process to flow because most people need to ask honest questions of self before addressing pressing problems.

Remove ego-induced blind spots. Ask questions. Wait for honest answers. Proceed.

2: Track Your Performance Diligently

Measure your key business metrics. Numbers never lie.

Even if your ego ensures you are doing a good job, the business bottom line may offer you a firm wake up call, being grounded in reality. Track the performance of your website and of your business.

Metrics to Track

  • monthly sales
  • monthly profits
  • time elapsed between customer service outreach and a clear resolution to the issue
  • number of people who convert from free trial users to customers

Find out key business metrics in your niche. List your statistics in a spreadsheet. Compare your business metrics to other small businesses in your niche as a reliable benchmark. If you appear to come up short you need to test, tweak and adjust your processes to boost productivity to optimal levels.

3: Work off of the Clock

Batch tasks in finite time frames to increase your productivity. Work tends to expand based on the time you allow for the work. Most entrepreneurs lower their productivity by devoting huge chunks of time to tasks requiring a few minutes or half hour, here and there. No business owner boosts their productivity by wasting precious hours on business tasks requiring far less time.

Consider working 50 minutes and resting for 10 minutes every business-working hour. Devote that 50 minute business block to a few mission-critical tasks guaranteeing the growth of your business. For example, online entrepreneurs who blog would be wise to spend time writing and publishing one blog post 2-3 times weekly. Devote one 50 minute work-block to blogging daily.

Drop each task like a hot potato the moment your allotted time expires. Come back to the task at a later time. Productive small business owners do not allow the fear of attachment to dissipate their productivity.

Do not worry about misjudging work time frames. With practice and patience you become more adept at accurately judging how long business tasks take to complete. Simply return to the task at a later time. Develop the habit of being orderly, focused and detached about your work to get more stuff done.

4: Trim Fat

Let go non-productive tasks immediately to boost your productivity.

Every business owner clings to at least one or two non-productive practices at some point during their entrepreneurial careers. Identify time wasters.

Be with uncomfortable emotions arising during fat-trimming sessions. Small business owners often create business babies in mind. Ditch these illusory creations of your ego that appear to build business. In reality, these creations only sap your time, energy and productivity.

Trash any non-productive business task for good. Never return to a literal losing proposition.

5: Outsource

Outsourcing tasks boosts your productivity quickly. Devote your time and energy to other business-building tasks.

Outsource to leverage effectively. Small business owners who maximize their productivity master the skill of leveraging. Invest in resources to handle specific tasks. Free yourself to spend time and energy doing what grows your business most quickly.

View money as a business multiplier. Every outsourcing dollar you invest wisely now reaps exponential returns over the long haul.

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