Video marketing is not only the buzzword of the present.

Marketing with video is the wave of the future.

Video marketing builds trust like few other channels.

Seeing humans on video sharing insights in a genuine way instantly dissolves the skepticism barrier all online entrepreneurs need to conquer.

Even if you are transparent in all you do it helps to present content via video. On an intellectual level, prospects know you are a real, living, breathing human being, just like them. But on a deeper emotional level, using video marketing forms a quick, strong bond with customers.

World renowned brands are turning to video to connect with their audience. Reading words on a screen may inspire customers to take action but seeing someone explaining a concept or sharing their business on video creates a more dramatic, memorable experience for prospects.

Follow these 4 tips to up your video marketing game.

1: Practice Makes Better

Practice recording videos daily.

Most video marketers feel uncomfortable seeing and hearing themselves on video.

Get over yourself by recording a 2 to 5 minute video daily offline, just for practice.

Hear yourself speak. See yourself present the topic of conversation.

Patiently face, embrace and release video-related, self-conscious fears.

The quickest way to get comfortable in front of the camera is by getting in front of the camera and recording practice videos.

Be gentle with yourself. Unless you have a television background you may have only recorded video via a social media selfie or two. Don’t beat yourself if you stammer or “ummmm” your way through your first 5 to 10 videos.

Be patient. It takes time to go from video greenhorn to seasoned, charismatic, natural video veteran.

Crawl before you walk.

Practice to gain confidence and clarity in front of the camera.

Present your business message with boldness through the simple habit of creating one short practice video daily.

2: Ship

Or publish your first video.

Seth Godin speaks of shipping related to releasing products or services.

Video marketers need to publish their first video to break the ice.

Video Topics

Solve some pressing problem in your niche via video. Share practical tips to help your customers.

Dwell on problems suffered by your customers. How can you help them? How can you ease their pain points? What solution can you provide via video to improve their lives?

Conclude your video with a clear call to action; inspire people to learn more about your business. Direct folks to your blog or perhaps a squeeze page to grow your email list.

Upload the video to YouTube at a minimum. Consider uploading the video to your Facebook Business Page too.

Hit the “publish” button. Ship. Share the video across social media and on your blog.

Get over the fear of publishing videos by creating and publishing your first video.

Your presentation skills improve over time but shipping the first video breaks the ice.

3: Consider Screen Share Videos

If your business niche lends itself to screen share videos use a capture application to publish such videos.

Screen share videos work well for listing practical tips or “how to” guides.

If you feel uncomfortable committing all steps to memory take notes and glance at your outline to stay on topic while graphically explaining the concept.

Poll your customers for their most pressing problems. Address common customer issues through detailed, step by step, screen share videos.

Lay the foundation for a long term, repeat customer by helping your audience with free, in-depth, helpful videos.

Practical Tips

  • keep screen share videos short and sweet; few people want to follow 10 to 320 steps to solve a problem
  • drill down to solve one specific problem via screen share to avoid adding unwanted steps or tips to your video
  • let your personality out in screen share videos; most of these videos are a bit dry and boring so add flavor to stand out from other marketers in your niche.

4: Invest in Professional Videos

Invest in professional videos by hiring video editors or by paying for video editing software.

Take your video marketing game to the next level by handing the job off to pros or by using premium software to convey a trusted brand image through video.

Unless your business brand is based on a “rough and ready” feel, spend money on resources to impress your audience.

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