Outsourcing your online business becomes a necessity as your venture grows.

Even if you want to bootstrap your way up in business circles you need to invest money to hand off specific tasks to skilled, capable parties.

Scaling is the only way to persistently reach a bigger, targeted audience over the long run.

Do your due diligence to outsource effectively.

Invest your money carefully to hand off jobs to capable, skilled, third parties that help versus harming your online business.

If you outsource intelligently, the returns on investment can be amazing as you free yourself from undesirable or basic business tasks.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing elements of your online business:

  • frees your time and energy to focus on critical business tasks
  • enables you to have a life outside of your business
  • allows you to focus on your core online business passions to avoid getting caught up in drudgework
  • conveys a professional air about your venture; if you have the means to invest in outsourcing you are a serious entrepreneur either running a thriving business or positioning yourself to succeed online

Follow these outsourcing tips to expand your venture intelligently.

1: Observe Prior Work

Ask for prior work to see if an outsourcing company meets your needs.

Never outsource unless you can choose the company with confidence, clarity and a knowing that the business does quality work.


Observe how SEO agencies would help you perform well in search engines.

Does the company use effective, value-based guest posting, genuine blog commenting and white hat onsite tactics to help clients?
Does the company have good feedback or reviews?
Is the company responsive and contactable?

If so you can move forward with confidence in hiring the agency.

2: Beware Unrealistic Claims

Beware any outsourcing company making inflated, outlandish or outright unrealistic claims.

Run to the next agency on your research list to keep your integrity and to partner only with reputable businesses.


Avoid any SEO agency promising first page results on Google quickly.

Today’s SEO demands a slow, steady, patient approach to dripping in-depth, valuable, trusted content through a wide range of channels.

No individual or agency can reach page one of Google – let alone page 1 position 1 – in a short period of time with black hat, manipulative approaches.

Only work with reputable outsourcing companies.

3: Consider Culture

Consider culture before hiring an outsourcing agency.

If you run a business in the West – or a business with Western clients – work with outsourcing agencies respectful of Western ways. Work with an agency located in a country that understands both how business is done in the West and is also sensitive to cultural differences, Western holidays and other factors. If virtual assistants know the nuances of your culture you can hand off work confidently.

Outsource only to companies offering workers who speak fluent English without an accent. Nothing feels more frustrating than not being able to effectively communicate with a customer service representative you cannot clearly understand in your native tongue.

4: Look for Referrals

Happy customers are an excellent litmus test for any outsourcing agency.

Gauge referrals from trusted sources.

If you research a fledgling company with no client base take a free trial to kick the wheels before hiring the agency.

Even new agencies tend to have a referral base of at least a few customers. Read their endorsements. Factor in tips 1 and 2.

If an agency renders valuable service, makes no unrealistic claims and receives glowing testimonials you can hire these companies with confidence.


Your online business is your baby.

If you’ve nurtured your business from its infancy you can only hand off specific jobs to trusted outsourcing agencies.

Thoroughly vet any company to ensure that you have the perfect match.

If you need help with your online business Staff Projects can make running your venture simple.

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