Online business burnout cripples entrepreneurs.

Even driven, focused folks live in human bodies.

This means burning the candle at both ends eventually catches up to you and your business.

Business burnout can lead to:

  • poor decision making
  • sickness
  • depression
  • a heavy reliance on outcomes
  • flagging business profits

Online business burnout is a chief cause of reduced business productivity and an overall lack of efficiency.

How can you operate effectively if you’re not refreshed, recharged and well-rested every single day you work your venture?

Addressing this problem:

  • helps you think clearly and objectively about your small business
  • stokes your desire to build a successful venture for you and your customers
  • expands your creativity
  • flexes your imagination muscles
  • helps you enjoy the business-building ride

Learning how to spot online business burnout is the first step to remedy this common issue.

Follow these tips to address burnout.

1: Doing Everything on Your Own

Micro managers tend to suffer from online business burnout.

Trying to handle every business task solo either leads to a breakdown or indicates you’ve already burned out.

Even if you don’t appear to have a thriving business as a new entrepreneur, familiarize yourself with the idea of scaling.

Hand specific tasks to outsourcing companies from day 1 of your online business career.

Hire a project manager to gauge your team’s effectiveness.

Delegate certain business-related activities to skilled, capable parties.

Get ample sleep.

Maintain a balanced life.

Avoid burnout.

2: Poor Sleep

Some entrepreneurs wear insomnia or a general lack of sleep as a badge of courage.

A select few human beings require 3-4 hours of sleep nightly to function properly.

Most entrepreneurs sleep terribly due to online business burnout.

Not getting enough sleep can indicate you’re:

  • overworked
  • over-stressed

Not getting enough sleep due to burnout feeds even greater burnout down the road. Each night of poor rest increases your fatigue and makes you irritable.

Change this damaging trend.

Sleep for 7-8 hours nightly.

Mega successful entrepreneur Arianna Huffington is a sleep crusader. She explains why being a sleep warrior and getting ample rest every night helps you become successful in any endeavor.

3: Landing Zero Customers Over Months Or Years

Feeling stressed about seeing zero business growth over 6-12 months may indicate online business burnout.

If you’ve seen no business growth over a year but feel good about your journey chances are you’re on the right path and need a little nudge to move forward. Business will flow to you soon.

But feeling terrible about the appearance of zero growth with your online business always indicates you’re on the wrong path. Even worse; in most cases you’re entirely burned out, exhausting yourself as your struggles grow.

Pull back.

Take a few days off from your online business. Rest up. Stop feeling burned out.

Re-think your strategy.

Feel any emotions of fear and loss related to your business and life.

Clear these energies to work from a refreshed, invigorated space.

4: Landing The Wrong Customers Over Months Or Years

Although the solution may be similar to warning sign #3 you may delude yourself into believing you’re fresh and energized when attracting online business customers who are poor matches for your venture.

Desperation or greed goads you to connect with non aligned customers or clients. Burned out, exhausted, overworked entrepreneurs often work from the predominant energies of fear, desperation and greed.

This isn’t just a targeting issue. Landing non-aligned customers usually signals you need to take a break.

Like warning sign #3, pull back. Relax. Embrace your fears. Rest up. Energize yourself.

Pulling back helps you feel your struggles to release these energies. Resting encourages you to see your business struggles in the light of truth, enabling you to identify solutions to your struggles.

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