Automating your marketing campaign is like cooking fish; you need to do it just right for optimal results.

Overcooking fish creates a shoe leather like experience. Under cooking fish leads to stomach problems.

But doing it just right makes for a marvelous dish.

Most marketers muck up automating by over doing or under doing it. Over automating turns off potential customers who seek a human, not a bot, behind the marketing campaign. Under automating forces you to trade time for money; this is a bad idea if you want to build a thriving business while still having a life away from your business.

If you automate perfectly expect to see:

  • increased traffic to your blog and business site
  • optimal results with less effort on your part
  • increasing clicks on automated updates; people won’t ignore automated updates as is the case for most marketers

In addition, you get to have a life away from your laptop when you automate effectively.

Follow these tips to get your automating campaign just right.

1: Mix Automating with Manual Updates

Engage followers manually.

Add juice to your automating campaign.

Manually engaging followers through online channels proves human beings man the ship.

People want humans behind businesses and brands, not bots.

Stop in a few times daily on networks. Engage followers. Speak to customers. Prove a human being who listens to problems and helps solve issues is at the helm.

Manually engaging followers makes your automated links more click worthy, optimizing your marketing campaign.

2: Time to Shine

Time updates to shine in front of your targeted audience.

If your customer base resides predominantly in a certain US time zone publish updates at optimal times in this zone.

Patiently observe optimal publish times. Typically, scheduling updates between 8 AM and 10 AM EST in the United States early in the week hits a common sweet spot. But do your own homework by testing what times yield the most clicks.

3: Share Free and Premium Updates

Avoid the common marketing automating mistake of publishing only premium updates related to your squeeze page, business site, products and services.

Automating business-themed updates all day turns off prospective customers who want to trust you through:

  • free blog posts
  • free videos
  • free podcasts
  • free guest posts

and other forms of free content you publish via scheduled updates.

Automate a hefty amount of free content shares. Add a dash of premium updates. Lead with a generous freemium model and follow up with premium, business-themed shares to earn your prospective customer’s trust.

Consider a 10:1 free to premium update ratio to automate effectively.


Publish 10 automated updates of free content, whether through your blog or podcast or videos.

Then publish 1 update pointing to your squeeze page or products and services page.

Nobody wants to feel as if a business obsessed bot automates updates at them versus seeing a valuable stream of free, helpful content flowing their way with the occasional business-themed update.

4: Pay Up to Play Up

Free tools offer solid functionality but paying for premium versions of tools unlocks a rich library of features enhancing your automating campaign.

From running tests to being able to automate through a wider range of channels, investing in premium tools expands your capabilities and optimizes your marketing campaign.


Avoid the over exuberant, “set it and forget it” approach used by many marketers because your prospects soon forget you and your careless, mindless strategies.

Think through your marketing automating campaign.

Engage people manually to prove you’re a human, not a bot.

Schedule updates at optimal times for your target audience.

Pepper in premium updates but focus almost exclusively on sharing free, helpful content to forge a bond with potential customers and clients.

Pay for premium tools to enhance your marketing campaign.

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